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Mission & History


The RHPRI Tour a self-guided tour route that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural and natural history along the west side of the North Saskatchewan River between Petrofka Bridge and Wingard Ferry. The river valley is rich in biodiversity. It has about fifty species of mammals, over two hundred species of birds, and many examples of fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects. Plant life includes twenty types of trees and shrubs, countless varieties of flowering plants, grasses, and more primitive species.

First inhabited by Indigenous Peoples, the region was then settled by Europeans, including the Doukhobors and other religious and cultural groups. The tour has over two dozen sites, including: old school, church and village sites; many cemeteries, including five Doukhobor sites; several river lookouts; parts of the Carlton Trail; and bird-watching spots. The starting point of the tour route on the map is the Town of Blaine Lake, at the junction of Highways 12 and 40, but the tour can be started at any point.

It is possible to complete the route by car in a day but visitors may wish to take more time to enjoy the scenic and historic area. There are signs along the way to mark the route and explain key points in more depth. While visiting the area, please be sure to drive the mainly country roads with caution and be respectful of all property and the natural landscape.


Riverlands Heritage Preservation Region Inc. (RHPI) is a registered not-for-profit organization supporting the conservation of heritage sites and structures in recognition of their contribution to the area’s economy, sustainability and many cultures within.

RHPRI does this by:

  • Developing practical tools, information and incentives to help in the successful conservation of heritage sites and structures.
  • Creating opportunities to access and learn about RHPI’s heritage buildings.
  • Fundraising in the public and private sectors to build an endowment that will protect our built heritage into the future.
  • Promoting relationships that support heritage conservation.


In 2007, the Riverlands Heritage Preservation Region Inc. was created as a not-for-profit organization by Maurice Postnikoff and John E Atamanenko of Saskatoon (originally from the Riverlands area) and Walter Kabaroff of Blaine Lake who were also RHPRI’s first Directors. Initial funding for the initiative was supplied by these men as well as the Saskatoon Russian Cultural Club.

RPHRI was incorporated under Saskatchewan’s Nonprofit Corporations Act in 2008 and operates according to the provisions and regulations of that legislation. It is governed by a private citizen board comprised of 8 directors [at least 4, not more than 8] elected by members at annual general meetings. Other major contributors and past Directors include Alec Postnikoff, Laurence Osachoff, Jim Postnikoff and Nicolas Postnikoff. Officers for 2015-16 are: Ron Bold, President; Maurice Postnikoff, Past President; Diana Fedosoff, Treasurer; Bonnie and Luc Vangool, Co-Secretaries; John Atamanenko, Fund-Raising Director; and June Bold, Promotions Director.


Financial support is supplied through yearly memberships, bingo fundraising and private donations.